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How Can VoIP Benefit Dentists?

In a dental office, it’s important to have a reliable telephony system for a flawless level of communication with your patients. How can VoIP benefit dentists? By using a VoIP system, dentists can streamline tasks, enhance employee mobility and ensure they have a professional calling experience for clients.

What are the key benefits for dentists?

Not only will a VoIP system streamline daily tasks, enhance employee mobility and provide a professional calling experience, it’ll also reduce costs. When switching to a VoIP system, dental practices can efficiently handle a large volume of calls whilst delivering a quality experience. 

VoIP systems offer many features, for example, auto-attendant, unlimited voicemail, call queuing and call back and more. 

Let’s see the key benefits for you:

  • A VoIP system will ensure that you’re providing a professional and pleasant call experience. VoIP easily integrates with other systems which will allow you to deliver accurate and relevant patient details during interactions. This gives patients an individualised service to enhance their experience.
  • Easily transfer calls. With a VoIP system it’ll be easier to deliver messages or transfer calls to another dentist, staff member or department. The call forwarding feature of VoIP ensures that you’ll always be able to reach who you need to. This is because dentists will be able to route all calls from the office right to their personal mobile extensions. 
  • You’ll also save costs. By using a VoIP solution you’ll reduce infrastructure, service and maintenance costs. VoIP operates over an IP network meaning that data and voice is transmitted using a single terminal. The VoIP solution will reduce monthly phone bills as it eliminates the need of a dedicated PSTN phone line. The ISDN service is being discontinued by 2025, a VoIP solution is future-proof. 

Which productivity features can benefit dentists?

A VoIP system offers so many tools which can help you and your staff to enhance your services. 

You can set up opening and closing times for your VoIP phone system. This means that if someone calls within your closing times, they will be sent directly to voicemail. All voicemails will be stored so that dental staff are able to address all calls during business hours. Also, you can set up a holiday mode. This means that if a staff member is away on holiday, they will not receive calls through their mobile. 

You’ll also be able to make use of hunt groups. This allows you to see which dentists or staff are available for routing incoming calls. You can also put staff into different hunt groups for different departments if you’d like. With this call routing tool clients are able to reach who they need to at any time. This allows you to efficiently deal with appointments or dental emergencies. 

There’s also an auto-attendant feature that will allow you to easily manage the flow of calls. An auto-attendant will deliver callers a professional calling experience. This is done by providing greetings or announcements of important events. You can configure your auto-attendant how you’d like, for example, providing directions to the dental office.

How can a VoIP system improve patient care?

VoIP systems can integrate with various systems. By integrating your VoIP solution with your CRM system, you’ll be able to quickly access relevant data and communication options. When using a CRM integration, your dental office will be able to keep relevant client data organised so that when a patient calls, staff members can access medical history, notes, appointments, billing details etc. By having quick access to this information, staff can provide a more personalised service and build stronger relationships with patients.

With our VoIP system, Eve, you’ll also have access to a mobile app. Within this app, you can view call data records. This will include: calls taken and missed, call volumes, call tracking and call source. You can analyse this to improve employee productivity. 

To learn more about Eve’s features, click here.

You may also want to utilise softphones. These can enable dentists and staff members to use personal devices to make and receive calls. This allows dentists to contact experts from any location, from any device. 


VoIP systems provide a seamless communication solution to ensure your dental practice runs smoothly. Not only does it benefit the operations of your business, but it’ll also save you costs. Implementing a VoIP system will also ensure that your dental practice is future-proof. If you want to take advantage of all the VoIP features, contact Alpha. We’re waiting to hear from you.

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