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Reasons to invest in business mobiles

Invest in business mobiles. Experience the benefits. Ensure your business is never behind and thrives. Pair your mobile plan with Eve.

Here are the reasons you should invest in business mobiles.

Business mobiles allow remote working

The internet can be easily accessed from your mobile. Therefore, making it easy for your employees to communicate no matter where they are. 

Data collected from the Office of National Statistics shows that the number of UK workers who have made the transition to remote working has increased by almost a quarter of a million over the past decade.

Remote working has many benefits, these include: increased staff retention, a wider talent pool, happier employees, environmental benefits and reduced office costs. Furthermore, if your business invests in mobile phones will unlock all of these benefits and increase the flexibility of your business. 

By using a business mobile employees will be able to stay in touch using calls, emails and messages. Pair your business mobile contract with Eve for more functionalities.

View emails and messages no matter where you are

Emails are used widely by businesses as a form of communication. They are used within work hours and outside of work hours. Additionally, business mobiles will ensure employees can have access to these important emails no matter where they are. 

Using social media for business reasons is becoming more popular. By having a business mobile employees will be able to access their business social profiles everywhere. 

Having a business mobile is useful because employees can access these emails and messages on short notice. It allows your employees to access important information even when they’re away from the office. As a result this can improve staff productivity.

Expand your reach

78% of people say that they collaborate with partners or colleagues who are out of office on a daily basis. 

Good communication within a business is essential to be successful. Therefore your business should optimise the communication with colleagues by purchasing business mobiles. In fact, it will also allow you to expand your reach for potential clients. 

Here at Alpha Telecommunications we will offer you the best deal on your business mobiles possible. We want your business to succeed. 

You will be able to access apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger etc directly from your business mobile. Because of this you will be able to easily communicate with people who are in different locations, for free. Your business will have the ability to easily communicate with people abroad too, this is massively improving your business reach. Also, you will be able to build new business relationships and engage with people all over.

Considering making the investment?

If you think that your business communications needs improving, this is a great option for you. It will make your business way more flexible and also make remote working an option for your employees. After understanding the benefits of business mobiles and coming to a decision, we hope you will choose us.

Choose Alpha Telecommunications for your business mobiles

At Alpha Telecommunications we will always make sure that your mobile plan suits your business. We have a wide selection of mobiles and plans for you to choose from. Our team will work with you to build the perfect plan for your business.  We want your business to succeed. Contact us today to discuss your business mobiles.

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