Mobile Services

At AT&S, we are partnered with O2 and Vodafone. This enables us to deliver a flexible and cost-effective service to meet all your business mobile needs.

Why invest in business mobiles

There are many reasons your business should invest in mobiles. The tools you need to do your job are easily accessible from your mobile. For example, emails, instant/text messages, phone calls and additional apps you may need.

Also, investing in business mobiles can help expand your reach. If your employees have business mobiles they can also access social apps. These social apps can be used to communicate across the globe, for free. Using social apps also enables you to build new business relationships.

78% of people say that they collaborate with partners or colleagues who are out of office on a daily basis.

Benefits of choosing us

We will provide a free report detailing the network and tariff options best suited to your business. As well as this, we will conduct an analysis of your current mobile usage to tailor a specific contract for your requirements. We will also conduct regular reviews of your tariff.

If a cheaper option has become available, upon your instruction, we will amend your tariff accordingly.



We have access to over 50 different mobile handsets. Our business mobile team are experts at finding you the best deal. Providing you with the latest technologies from Apple, Samsung and more.

Whether you are looking for state of the art smartphone technology or more cost-effective, lower value handsets, we will ensure that you have the right solution suited to your needs.

If required, we can just supply a mobile sim.

Our mobile audit is free of charge with no obligation to retain our services.

Contact us for your FREE no obligation quote today.