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Evolution of Telephony

Discover the Evolution of Telephony

We take a look back and discover the evolution of telephony. We’ll learn about the early days of telephony and the main historical points that saw it evolve. We also explore why the future is looking to VoIP solutions.


Should you choose SIP or VoIP?

SIP and VoIP solutions are the popular choice for many businesses. But what are they? How do I choose which method of communication is best for me?

What is FTTP and FTTC broadband?

When talking about broadband connections you may have heard the acronyms FTTP and FTTC. What do they stand for and how do you decide what connection your business needs?

Are you suffering from slow internet speeds?

Slow broadband speeds mean slow productivity. With Business Internet Leased Lines you stay in control. Faster speeds, greater reliability and overall piece of mind. Find out how leased lines can help you.

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