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How can AT&S help your business?

At AT&S we have a host of features and services on hand to help support your business. We understand the scale and pace of business change is still accelerating and you, the customer, really do have a wide and informed choice, so we all need to be agile and responsive. A reception area, a hotel bedroom, the sofa, a local coffee shop, a car, a plane or a train – they have all replaced the office desk, fuelling the need to stay connected. I am eve and my purpose is to help your business adapt and thrive.

Improve efficiency through flexibility with exceptional voice everywhere
You need a phone system that can go above and beyond traditional capabilities with the ability to move freely without interruption. Collaboration means your staff can easily work from home, or on the move, using a desktop or mobile application. They can pick up calls to their extension number, with the quality of voice you’d expect if they were sat at their desk. 

Manage change efficiently, even if you move premises

The hope of almost any business is to grow and continue to scale. Traditionally with this came a hole of hosts of new headaches, especially when it came to moving premises. Customers know your current number and you don’t want to lose them. With our system you can move as much as you like and keep your current number with our IP Telephony or Inbound Call Management Solutions. Perhaps your employee numbers fluctuate making it difficult to scale your switchboard and phone lines. IP Telephony and SIP Solutions make it easy to react quickly to changes in your business. We can also provide call routing features help you manage your changing business effectively.

We can help you become more successful

High customer service standards should be a core aim for any business. The right communication solutions can help you improve this, but how? 

As an Example:


If some of your calls are never answered and your customers don’t know your busy, they may go else where. With our single contact number system we deliver the call to the right person based on the callers requirement and this can also be programmed to ring on multiple devices. If your caller leaves a message we will notify you by email and attach the message as a sound file.   Talk to us to find out how else we can help you maximise your business through our communication tools.

Support you can rely on

 It’s important to feel looked after and confident that if anything does go wrong with your phone line, you have support in place to put things right. We’re here to do just that. Depending on your needs, we have four different levels of care available. 

Openreach standard repair times are as follows and are dependent on the line type and the service level selected, as well as engineer resource, fault location and access: 

If your phone line is vital, we recommend that you upgrade to a higher care level. See more in the sub-section below.

Pick a care plan that works for you. Available now from AT&S

 Ensure that you select the right level of care for your business. To provide resilience in business critical environments we recommend installing a back-up PSTN line (with a second broadband service). If you work weekends, we would recommend level 3 as a minimum. 

All repair times assume that site access is available for the working hours of the appropriate care level. Terms and conditions will apply and your Customer Service Advisor will advise if a resolution time is going to take longer than normal.

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