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Let’s unravel the history of VoIP. Not many people know how long ago VoIP was actually discovered and how it became what it is today. 

Unravel the History of VoIP

1973 – Not many people realise that VoIP began so far back 

An experimental version of VoIP was launched. This version was using the APRANET network and transmitted voice data using packets. It was tested by a small amount of telecom and IT engineers who saw potential in VoIP rather than traditional analogue lines. 

1995 – Yes, this is a rather large jump since 1973 

This is when the first VoIP appeared in the market, it was named Vocaltec. This software broke down voice signals into digital packets, this data was then transmitted over the internet. On the down side, Vocaltec required that both parties had the same expensive hardware and software installed. Of course, not everyone would want to fork out so much money for this. At this stage VoIP was also poor quality. 

1996 – The first stage of a VoIP network

In 1996, Vocaltec released their full VoIP service. Many businesses at this stage still didn’t have a full broadband connection. Vocaltec laid out the first stage of a VoIP network, this marked an important step towards a full ‘VoIP’ network. 

2000 – VoIP devices were starting to be released

VoIP accounted for 3% of all voice traffic in the US. This is when VoIP began to become more popular, as businesses saw the market gap for ‘VoIP-enabled’ hardware and software. Manufacturers such as Cisco started to release VoIP devices. This helped VoIP begin to become more accessible. 

2004 – Full VoIP calling services released

Full VoIP calling services were released, this allowed companies to connect using VoIP. Broadband had become more stable over time, therefore, so did VoIP. This meant that VoIP was now a legitimate alternative for businesses. 

2004 – VoIP was becoming more popular

VoIP was used by businesses across the world. The advent of hosted VoIP telephone systems helped to drive the change to a full VoIP network. Hardware and software was now making it easier than ever to switch to VoIP. 

2018 – The UK’s ISDN network is due to be switched off

Openreach announced that they are switching off the UK’s ISDN network. This means that all new orders need to be VoIP/SIP enabled. Service providers are now looking to start to convert customers to VoIP connections.

2019 – VoIP is being used widely across businesses

VoIP makes up around 60% of all new connections. Customers are being converted to VoIP and SIP where possible. This is to ensure that they’re running on the latest technology so that their business won’t suffer when it comes to the ISDN switch off. 

Talking of the ISDN switch off, we can help prepare you

The switch off is due to happen by 2025, so of course, you want to stay up to date with the latest tech. VoIP is the future of telecoms. Begin experiencing the benefits of VoIP and contact us today.

To learn more about the ISDN switch off click here.

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